Convert bbPress to WordPress

Founded in 2004 as a means to relieve stress placed on miniBB, bbPress emerged as an entirely new forum system. It was developed as a simple plugin to add to any CMS. Though built by WordPress developers, it is independent of the CMS, meaning it doesn’t receive the same level of support that going through WordPress does. It is also too simple for most users, leaving them stranded once they’ve graduated from simplistic forum needs to highly complex.

If you find yourself stuck with bbPress as a forum and can’t fathom switching anywhere else if only because of how much time it would take, call us today. Our team of professionals are always ready to migrate your bbPress to the much more versatile WordPress with a 100% match. Both affordable and efficient, our services are nothing if not the best when it comes to data migration. Leave the limited forum behind and graduate to higher levels of versatility with WordPress.