Convert CuteNews to WordPress

CuteNews got its start in 2002, using PHP to create a simple news management and blog system very similar to WordPress. It also comes with its own set of modules and plugins to make it more versatile for the small businesses that purchase a license to use it. Its biggest downfall, however, is that it did not consider the fact that companies grow and expand over time, requiring better storage. CuteNews opted for flat files instead of DBs, meaning the more that is uploaded, the slower and more consuming it becomes, leaving many license holders out of luck as they try to expand.
With WordPress, this future is already considered and expected. Instead of limiting growth, WordPress embraces it and is always ready to grow with the company. If you find yourself trapped with a software that doesn’t have the capacity to allow you to reach your full potential, it’s time to convert from CuteNews to WordPress. Our team can create an exact match of your site as it migrates all of the data over to WordPress. Reliable, efficient and affordable, we are here to help you take that next step. Call us today.