Elxis to Wordress Conversion

Open source projects are always tempting. After all, they are free, and with that comes freedom from having to buy additions to make the software work the way you want it to. This does not come without its own limitations, though. Unlike WordPres, Elxis is limited in its capability to stay updated through released patches while maintaining a helpful support community. Its small capacity similarly limits the size and scope of what users can do with it.

If you tried out Elxis and now find it to be restrictive in its capabilities, it’s time to finally head over to WordPress. Though not everything is free, you only pay for what you need for your site. Apart from this, there is a dedicated support team there to help you whenever issues arise. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about having to fiddle with temperamental coding just to fix a bug yourself. WordPress is the definitive software for the ultimate user-friendly experience. Contact our staff today to get your site transferred over, and be ready to build a site only limited by your imagination.