Convert Frog CMS to WordPress

Frog CMS seeks to simplify CMS through simplistic user interface, simple permissions and flexible templating on each page. Began in 2007, it is actually the PHP version of Radiant CMS, however the two are vastly different. It is open source and uses PHP directly to keep coding language requirements at a minimum. While clean and simplistic, the simplicity results in a lack of detail in regards to available features. Plugins and themes do exist, but they are limited in scope and ability, unlike the countless options available to WordPress users.

It’s time to upgrade to a software that can handle your dreams, not limit them. With near countless plugins and customization options available, there is nothing you can’t do with WordPress. Accounting for nearly a quarter of all internet sites, users all over the world can account for its superiority as a CMS. Let our team of professionals transfer you from Frog CMS to WordPress. We guarantee an exact match and perfect results that are efficient and affordable. Call us today to make the switch and see just what a difference WordPress makes.