Convert Geeklog to WordPress

Geeklog is touted as the secure CMS and is yet another open source, free software. Out of the box, it serves as both a CMS and blog engine that comes with built-in spam protection. Plugins are created by the community as is everything that has to do with maintaining the program. For bloggers, this is definitely an appealing system, but for those running businesses, Geeklog falls short. Though community support is beneficial, it lacks any form of dedicated assistance team. The built plugins also often have their own bugs, requiring users to understand a fair bit of coding to fix.

As far as free CMS goes, WordPress reigns supreme for a reason. Additions that cost money provide a steady stream of income to the company that then goes toward dedicated help, bug patches and otherwise keeping the software as easy-to-use as CMS software is capable of being. Through our professionals, we can convert your Geeklog site to a WordPress site efficiently and affordably. Don’t be left stranded when something goes wrong. Use WordPress to build and maintain your company’s home base.