Convert LightCMS to WordPress

LightCMS is exactly that, a lighter version of typical CMS in that an entire website can be built with only a few clicks of the mouse. Its use of standardized code, all capabilities enabled for their free sites and a wide selection of tools, LightCMS comes off as a tempting choice. This, however, completely overlooks the fact that clients are restricted to a certain number of pages. If they want more, they then have to pay a ridiculously high fee to host those additional pages on top of their monthly fee. Also, the plugins are limited to specifically what LightCMS releases in direct opposition to the flourishing collection available to WordPress users.

Your company needs room to grow without painful overhead fees. Instead of becoming trapped by LightCMS’ draconian ways, look to migrating to WordPress. With plugins for virtually every job to unlimited pages, it is designed to help you expand without breaking your wallet. Call us today and our professionals will convert your LightCMS site to an exact match on WordPress. No longer will you have to worry about painful monthly expenses with the world’s most popular CMS.