Convert Ektron to WordPress

Ektron isn’t a bad CMS, it’s just not for everyone. Like WordPress, it is a powerful and mature software that enables companies to build professional sites to fit their business goals. With its website mobilization capabilities and search engine optimization, it can even seem like a better choice. Such power, though, means it is only made to be used by global enterprises with the extreme resources needed to utilize such a complex system. This is where WordPress shines. WordPress was never made to be complex and has always sought to be the best user-oriented software on the market. It has succeeded, becoming the most popular CMS software across the globe.

Don’t stick with Ektron just because enterprises use them. Use a CMS that is customizable and scalable with your own company. Add what you need and ignore what you don’t through WordPress plugins. Unlike Ektron, WordPress doesn’t require a dedicated team of professional coders to create an appealing and functional site. Drop the complexity and start the conversion to WordPress today. Our professional team will get your entire site transferred over with an exact match in an efficient and timely manner. See why WordPress is the top CMS in the world.