Elgg to WordPress Conversion

An open source social networking software, Elgg gives its users a customizable framework for sites to build virtual social environments. Focused mainly on schools, colleges, universities and international collections, it seeks to be a brand-builder. Though the idea behind it is unique enough, Elgg still fails to actually provide its clients with basic features and SEO optimization that is necessary for garnering attention from others. Though WordPress is never marketed as a social platform, it nonetheless gives its users what they need to build a social platform.

Don’t think you have to stay with Elgg just because of their business motto. WordPress gives you everything you need and more to do what Elgg seeks to do. Allow our team of experts and their sophisticated development tools to convert your site to a WordPress site with a 100% match. Our service is an extremely affordable and efficient way to leave behind a platform that doesn’t work for you in favor of one that does. Call us today and see what WordPress is all about.