Convert Joomla to WordPress Service

Once a much more popular CMS option, Joomla’s popularity has declined in recent years.  This is not to say Joomla isn’t still an excellent CMS, but the reality many are coming to understand is that WordPress is a superior choice.  WordPress offers much more potential with thousands of useful or even powerful plugins.  The ever-increasing community and support of WordPress also offers much more than Joomla.

If you have found this web page than you are likely already convinced that switching from Joomla to WordPress is the right decision.  When you convert your site to WordPress you may wish to take the opportunity to upgrade various aspects of your website.  We can educate you on different options and plugins at your disposal.  We can also collaborate with you on the overall strategy and planning of your website.  Get in touch with us today and we will provide you with answers to all of your questions and a quote.  We can provide a quote for an exact match conversion of your Joomla site, and we can also provide you with a quote(s) if you wish to redesign or enhance your site in the process of moving it to WordPress.