Convert phpwcms to WordPress

An open source CMS, phpwcms claims to be fast, flexible, robust and developer friendly, yet this only goes so far as developers and customers that are interested in coding their entire site. Unlike the majority of CMS available, this one allows for both template and css-based layouts. On top of this, it is also incredibly small, making it less overwhelming to many. All in all, phpwcms is a niche-driven CMS. Businesses looking for heavy customization, support and growth will not find it here.

If you’ve already built a site through phpwcms but find yourself at the mercy of limitations, it’s time for a conversion to WordPress. With thousands of plugins, dedicated help and few restrictions, smart businesses across the world have used it as their CMS of choice. Let us help you. We are a staff of professionals well-versed in transferring sites with complete accuracy from one CMS to WordPress. Call us today, and let us show you what possibilities WordPress has to offer.