Wix to WordPress Conversion Service

Wix to WordPress Migration Service

For a monthly fee, you can have a website with Wix featuring slow load times, buggy drag and drop features, and templates that require you to change out the default photos.  Templates are simple yet boring, and there is not an admin area where you can control the site. Plus, once you have built your site, you cannot change the template.

Not to sound overly harsh on Wix, but we must continue on a couple more of the issues people encounter with their Wix websites…Wix also prevents you from implementing any special functionality requirements that are outside of a basic site build.  The final issue, which we consider the most severe of the long list of problems that people are facing who use Wix, is the announcement that Google is having issues indexing websites as of October 15th, 2016.  This means your website could be suffering plenty on it’s visibility on the Google search engine.  Ouch!

So why should you switch your website from Wix to a WordPress theme?

You will be free and able to have the template changed daily if required. WordPress offers far more flexibility and a friendly user interface.  Instead of charging money to limit your site possibilities, it provides free software to help you build anything you can imagine without forcing you to stay with one idea.  The WordPress CMS is also great for SEO.  Just by switching your website to WordPress, while maintaining everything such as content and features, your website could see an increase in it’s positioning (rankings) on search engines.

A simple switch to make, why not invest in your site’s possibilities today?